The Malyugin Ring Classic

Manage small pupils and IFIS with ease. The Malyugin Ring provides gentle, stable expansion of the iris during cataract surgery, making complex cases simpler and more routine. The Classic Malyugin Ring provides the following benefits:

  • No additional incisions. The Malyugin Ring Classic fits through your main incision (2.2mm or larger) and eliminates the need to make additional paracentesis.
  • Gentle expansion. The Malyugin Ring Classic provides 8 points of contact on the iris providing evenly dispersed tension on the iris sphincter.
  • Save OR Time. The Malyugin Ring Classic is easily inserted and removed directly from the iris plane, providing you with complete control, and reducing valuable OR time.

Now including the Osher Modification, Malyugin Ring Injector. For years, the Malyugin Ring has helped surgeons bring added safety to their cases and expanded pupils all over the world. In 2014, Robert Osher MD. had an idea for improving our injector. Dr. Osher helped us continue the innovation of the Malyugin Ring by creating an injector that allowed for easier release and re-engagement of the ring. We are now thrilled to provide you with the Osher Modification to the Malyugin Ring Injector.


Compatible with

Osher/ Malyugin Ring Manipulator Classic

Recommended incision size

2.2mm or Larger

Shipped Quantity

Sold per box. 6 units per box.




The Malyugin Ring Classic 6.25mm


The Malyugin Ring Classic 7.0mm