MST Capsule Retractors

Another tool to help make your complex cases more routine–MST brings you the MST Capsule Retractors. For intraoperative management of weakened or compromised zonules the MST Capsule Retractors stabilize the capsular bag during the cataract procedure. Inserted similar to iris hooks, the four capsule retractors act like artificial zonules once in place. The MST Capsule Retractors provide you the benefits of:

  • Better stability. Where iris hooks would only pull on the capsulorhexis margin, the MST Capsule Retractors have extended posterior tabs that are designed to reach the equator of the bag and provide you ultimate support.
  • Gentle Contact. The MST Capsule Retractors feature a loop at the distal end of the posterior tab. This minimizes the risk of puncturing the capsule by providing you with a broad area of contact, rather than all the tension being focalized to one point.
  • Ease of insertion. The double banded nylon design of MST Capsule Retractors are designed to provide lateral stability to further ease placement.


Recommended incision size

0.8mm or larger

Shipped Quantity

Sold per box. 6 units per box.




MST Capsule Retractors