Trabectome Pack

The Trabectome handpiece is a single-use electro-surgical device that incorporates simultaneous irrigation and aspiration.

Convenience Pack includes: Trabectome handpiece, I/A Fluidics, 1.8 Slit Knife, IFU, and Equipment Drape. Requires I/A console and electro-surgical generator (sold separately).


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Tip Design

The Trabectome tip is bent 90° to create the triangular footplate. The smooth insulating coating allows it to penetrate the trabecular meshwork and acts as a guide. It also feeds trabecular and juxtacanalicular tissues into the ablative bipolar electrodes as the instrument tip is advanced along the Schlemm’s canal.

Product Specs

Handpiece Design

The Trabectome handpiece is a single-use sterile ophthalmic device that incorporates bipolar electro-surgical pulse with simultaneous irrigation and aspiration.

Irrigation – for a stable anterior chamber

Aspiration – for removal of ablated tissue

Electro-Surgical Pulse – for ablation and removal of the trabecular meshwork and un-roofing of Schlemm’s canal

Use: Sterile single-use convenience pack