Trabectome® Pack

The Trabectome handpiece is a single-use electro-surgical device that incorporates simultaneous irrigation and aspiration.

Convenience Pack includes: Trabectome handpiece, I/A Fluidics, 1.8 Slit Knife, IFU, and Equipment Drape. Requires I/A console and electro-surgical generator (sold separately).



Tip Design

The Trabectome tip is bent 90° to create the triangular protective footplate and the smooth insulating coating allows it to easily penetrate the trabecular meshwork and acts as a guide and glides inside Schlemm’s canal. It also feeds trabecular and juxtacanalicular tissues into the ablative bipolar electrodes as the instrument tip is advanced along the Schlemm’s canal whilst providing protection from heat injury to adjacent tissue.

Clinical History

Trabectome is a highly innovative, easy to use surgical technology with an extensive clinical history of proven efficacy[1]. Backed by over seven years of data, clinical studies show that a significant majority of patients who had Trabectome surgery experienced a sustained IOP reduction of ≤21mmhg, a 20% improvement from the IOP baseline, and no additional glaucoma surgery[1]. Another key benefit of Trabectome is a significant reduction in glaucoma medication use which promotes improved patient compliance[2]. Trabectome uses electrosurgical ablation to assist in easy and complete edge to edge removal of the trabecular meshwork which promotes enduring IOP reduction[2].

Product Family

Trabectome and TrabEx platforms can be used with cataract surgery or as stand-alone procedures.  They are indicated for the management of pediatric or adult mild, moderate, or severe glaucoma, open or narrow-angle glaucoma, primary or secondary glaucoma, and pseudoexfoliative or non-pseudoexfoliative glaucoma.  This allows users of the Trabectome and TrabEx to treat more patients and conditions than they could with other MIGS devices.

[1] Data on file, 132 peer reviewed studies [2] Sameh Mosaed: The First Decade of Global Trabectome Outcomes. Clinical & Surgical Ophthalmology, 2014; 32:1

Product Specs

Handpiece Design
The Trabectome handpiece is a single-use sterile ophthalmic device that incorporates bipolar electro-surgical pulse with simultaneous irrigation and aspiration. Easy to learn to use and navigate.

Irrigation - for a stable anterior chamber

Aspiration - for removal of ablated tissue

Electro-Surgical Pulse - for safe ablation and removal of the trabecular meshwork and un-roofing of Schlemm’s canal

Use: Sterile single-use convenience pack

Product Video