TrabEx™ has an innovative dual-blade technology that enables ergonomic and efficient excision of the Trabecular Meshwork.






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TrabEx™ offers a highly effective solution for excision of the Trabecular Meshwork.  It features precision engineered serrated blade and a trapezoidal configuration to enable edge to edge removal of the Trabecular Meshwork allowing for lasting exposure of collector channels.


    • TrabEx's serrated dual blades are precision engineered using femtosecond laser technology
    • The trapezoidal configuration conforms to varying TM widths for optimal TM excision
    • The ergonomic design promotes effortless, drag-free advancement within the contours of the Schlemm's Canal
    • TM is cut and excised at the optimal margin width

Product Specs

Use: Sterile, single-use convenient procedure pack