TrabEx+™ in addition to the dual-blade technology also incorporates irrigation and aspiration for efficient tissue extraction during irrigating goniectomy.


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The TrabEx+™ offers the same superior performance of the TrabEx, enhanced control of the anterior chamber, and the ideal angle visualization during surgery.


  • It can be performed as a stand-alone procedure or combined with cataract extraction
  • The Serrated Dual Blade excises a strip of the Trabecular Meshwork
  • Can be connected to a standard I/A source or used without
  • Unique footplate guides tip along the contour of Schlemm's Canal
  • Viscoelastic is NOT needed

Product Specs

Irrigation & Aspiration Set-Up:
  • Set irrigation higher than 80cm above patient head
  • Set aspiration to 10cc/min & vac at 100-150mmHg

Use: Sterile, single-use convenience procedure pack

Shipping: Sold individually

Patent Nos: 7,959,641; 9,107,729; 9,358,155