Harmony SP

Harmony SP is the MST complete package when it comes to safe and efficient cataract removal. We have paired the Packard/ Dewey Phaco Tip with with Allegro SP Silicone I/A to offer you our most innovative combination yet. Bring added safety and efficiency to your OR with the benefits of:

Packard/ Dewey Phaco Tips

  • Increased Safety. The polished edges of the Dewey Radius help protect the iris and posterior capsule from damage, in the event of accidental contact.
  • More Efficiency. Research shows the Packard Phaco Tip to be more efficient than a standard 0.9mm tip. The smaller designed tip is excellent for creating grooves in divide-and-conquer and burrowing deep into the nucleus during chop methods of nuclear fragmentation
  • More Visibility. The smaller profile Packard Phaco Tip allows for 20% more visibility than standard 0.9mm tips.
  • More Room to Work. The 0.7mm outer diameter of the Packard Phaco Tip provides you with more room in your incision and access down to 1.8mm wounds.

Allegro SP

  • Better Sub-Incisional Access. The unique geometry of Allegro SP features a double bend design that allows for very direct sub-incisional access, while minimizing wound torque.
  • Capsule Friendly. Allegro SP provides complete silicone coverage and polished ports which provide a gentle surface during I/A and any capsule polishing you may perform using the tip.
  • A Firm Response. Allegro SP yields the benefits of silicone safety with a firm substructure allowing for easy IOL rotation and management of nuclear fragments.
  • Eliminate Reprocessing concerns. Allegro SP comes pre-assembled, is completely disposable, and eliminates all concerns associated with improper reprocessing of reusable I/A devices.


Compatible with

All Phaco Platforms

Recommended incision size

2.4- 2.6mm (Red), 2.6- 2.85mm (Purple)

Shipped Quantity

Sold per box. 12 units per box. (6 Allegro SP, 6 Packard/ Dewey Phaco Tips)