Durable Instruments

MST Durable Instruments make even the most complicated cases manageable for every ophthalmologist. Backed by an unparalleled, all-inclusive 3-year warranty, MST Durable Instruments are the best tools for complex anterior segment surgery.

Our instruments’ unique coaxial design limits the action of the instrument to the distal end—right where you want it. MST instruments are mostly 23 gauge or smaller, which allows entry to small corneal paracentesis and sclerotomies.

Through partnership with ophthalmology’s most prominent leaders, MST has developed an innovative product line able to tackle the most difficult techniques and most complex procedures in the anterior segment.


MST’s micro-instrumentation lines are modular systems that couple universal handles with a large variety of forceps and scissors. The MST Touch Forceps Handle and MST 360 Forceps Handle are compatible with all MST heads (durable and single-use), while the MST Duet Handle is only compatible with single-use heads.